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(@michaelscott) and 3 others

Field Trip Ideas

More board games

You'd be amazed at what a good old fashioned board game once a week can do to help with efficiency. My grandmother plays once a day and then watches Price is Right. She can crank out a sweater a week!

(@jimhalpert) and 2 others

Human Resources

Less Meetings

I'd love less meetings so we can get home earlier. Did we really need to watch that HR video and play that Michael put together last week on sexual harrassment in the office? Creed is the only one that really needs any training.

(@michaelscott) and 1 other

Increasing Productivity

Longer Zip Lines at Team Building

Last weeks team building exercise was great. However, the zip lines that we used were way to short. Jan and I went to Jamaica once and the zip lines were five miles long! I felt like I could do anything after hitting those zip lines.

(@pambeasley) and 4 others

Increasing Productivity

Day Care at Work

I think Dunder Mifflin/sabre should offer free day care for Mom's at work. This would encourage more mom's to stay at work and sell more printers while still getting to see their kids throughout the day. Totally!!


Paper Quality

Sell High Quality Card Stock

I'm thinking we should start selling high quality cardstock #33 ABM6QR. The stuff from Brazil is the best, in my opinion. It would be great b/c we could then get into the greeting card market, instead of just printers.

(@audreyzuro) and 1 other


Paint it!

I don't know where this place is, but I think we should paint it the same color as our best selling paper every year! Except for white, because that would be lame. Oh and yellow...I really can't stand yellow.


Increasing Productivity

Sing when people call.

Lets face it - the standard phone greeting is pretty tired. I say we spice up our phone answering script by singing a small jingle. I have a few that Darrel and I have been working on after work this past week. If anyone wants to meet up to work on them with us, just let us know.